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Bobby Peed

Bobby Peed


Years Service

Bobby Peed has been in the construction business since 1967.  He took over all Peed Bros. construction projects in 1972. In the following years, Bobby developed the company into the thriving business that it is today.  He became vice president in 1991 and ascended to president in January 2017.

Bobby has experience in all phases of construction such as grading, storm drain installation, base and paving, landfill liner installation, and finishing work. He assists with bidding, scheduling, and operations of projects, as well as equipment purchases and the day to day management of the company.

Bobby is an experienced heavy equipment operator and holds a valid Georgia CDL.  He has completed the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response OSHA 1910.120. Bobby is a Level IA Certified Personnel with the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission.  Bobby is MSHA certified and has had Competent Person Excavation Training. He is also a certified Utility Forman under the State of Georgia Utility Licensing Board.  He also is licensed as a Georgia General Contractor Agent under Peed Bros., Inc.  He is also a Certified General Contractor and Underground Utility and Excavation Contractor in the State of Florida.